Success in sport is multifactorial. Some of the factors include hard training, proper recovery, strong mentality, ability to overcome pain and genetic predisposition. However there is one crucial factor that is fundamental yet, often neglected - NUTRITION. Many people seem to forget that what we put into our body is extremely important and in terms of sports it can definitely affect our performance!

Your health determines your results

Another hugely important factor is an underlying health of an individual. Will you perform well if some of your body systems are imbalanced? Will you prepare for another marathon with constantly recurring chest infections or IBS flare ups?

How we can help

Whether you are an athlete or simply you train like one, the Nutrition Room offers you expertise in the field of Sports Nutrition. Personalised nutrition can help with increasing your optimum energy levels and reaching your peak performance. It can address various health symptoms such as fatigue, syndromes of overtraining, colds and flus, reduced strength and many more...

Personalised Nutrition Programmes and Testing

If you train intensively you need to support your body with a proper nutrition programme. We offer integrative service, specific tests, and help in choosing supplements and ergogenic aids. Whether you are strength or endurance athlete or a sport person we can help you to design individual/personalised nutrition protocol that will support your body during hard training, maximize your optimum performance, repair and recovery, muscle growth, weight loss and many more. We specialize in helping people in reaching their full potential in sport by addressing underlying health and individual physiological needs. And remember, we all are genetically different, what works for one person doesn't have to work for you, this is why every sport personĀ  needs an individualized nutritional program.

'Ones's man's meat is another man's poison'
Lucretius. 95-55 B.C