The Nutrition Room offer a range of services including private consultations, weight management programmes, cookery classes and corporate seminars and nutrition talks on a wide variety of topics to groups and sports teams. To find out more about how we can help you contact us today.

One to one consultations

One to one consultations are carried out in our clinics in Galway, Ennis or Westport, from time to time we can also arrange to meet a client in an agreed location, phone/skype meetings can also be arranged at a client’s request.

What to expect from your consultation: After booking your consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about your health both past and present, and provide details on any medication you are currently taking or taken in the past. You will also be asked to record a three day food diary. This will enable us build a picture of your health history and determine how we can help you achieve your goals.

First Consultation: Following on from here the first consultation typically lasts for one hour or more. Here we will go through your questionnaire in more detail and discuss how for example your diet and eating habits may be contributing to your symptoms. A personalised nutrition programme and a supplement programme (if required) will be given to you, along with sample weekly menus and meal plans. What is important to note - this is specific to you, we will agree on how much change you are willing to make and from there menus and recipes will be designed according to your cooking skill and your lifestyle.

Follow up consultation

Follow up consultations are usually recommended between 3 and 6 weeks to review your progress and to help motivate and support you.

Additional services including private cooking classes or guided shopping trips to local supermarkets or health food stores create an excellent opportunity to help make concrete changes in your eating patterns.

Private consultation fees:

First consultation €85

Follow up consultations €55

Discount packages available for multiple consultations.

“Healthy cooking is the best preventive medicine.”
Joni Sare