We are an enthusiastic team of Nutritionists who are trained in the Functional Medicine Approach to nutrition.  Put simply, as Functional medicine practitioners our approach is to investigate the under lying causes of disease and ill-health and utilise scientific research in order to put together and appropriate plan to help a client improve their condition or achieve a goal.

We truly believe in a biochemical individuality which simply means that all the individuals have different dietary needs and therefore there is no one diet that suits everybody.

“Unfortunately, everything the experts tell us about diet is aimed at the whole population, and we are not all the same.”
The Scientist Magazine

We apply the most up to date science and nutritional research to our clients, and frequently attend seminars led by leading nutritionists both in Ireland and abroad to design effective dietary plans for our clients.

Meet the team

Grainne Travers a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Dietary Coach, who was awarded for excellence in studies in her final year with the Institute of Health Sciences.

Meet Grainne

“I am a busy mother of two young children, my love of food goes back to my childhood where I developed a love of natural home-grown and quality home cooked food. I believe in the importance of family cooking and family meal time.  With the rise childhood obesity in Ireland, Irish children are now becoming one of the most obese in Europe and with this starts a path of lifelong ill-health. As a mother I now know that eating for life begins early in life and that achieving balance is key. Teaching your child to cook healthily with nutrient dense foods and educating them in simple ways about the benefits of food will remain with them for life and with that brings what every parent wants for their child – good health and a little hobby to keep you and them happy!”

Karolina Kamiska holds a diploma in Nutritional Therapy, dietary Coach and  a Certificate in Functional Sport Nutrition. 

Meet Karolina

“I am a food lover and my journey to becoming a nutritionist started from a deep passion about the food. I believe that good natural quality food becomes a fuel for our body that can allow us to live in our fullest potential and that everybody can and should try to change the diet and lifestyle for better.  I strongly believe that nutrition can improve people’s health, improve conditions and achieve optimum health”. One of my main interests is sport nutrition. I love to work with people involved in sport and I am constantly looking for the extra edge to increase their performance and recovery which is key to their success.  Currently, there is a big trend of focusing on the supplementation in the world of sport and many people neglect nutrition. However it is the Functional Nutrition for Health that plays the most significant role in increasing performance and recovery and should be fundamental in every protocol for the sport people”

Siobhan Cullinan holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and is a qualified Dietary Coach and a Functional Sports Nutrition Consultant.

Meet Siobhan 

“I have always had a love affair with food and natural medicine and seeing first-hand the impact nutrition can have on an individual’s health remains a constant source of amazement and excitement for me. Along with the nutritional therapy practice, I run a busy café in the west of Ireland. Running two businesses, becoming a new mum, balancing family and friends can be a challenge but I use my skills and knowledge to help me deal with day to day life in a balanced and healthy manner. I understand the challenges of todays' lifestyle in Ireland and I always strive to help each individual client reach their specific goals using an effective and realistic approach. I believe balance is key and understanding what your body needs while being educated on specific foods and supplements to enhance your well-being or improve chronic conditions is key to health management."